General Physician – Janvi Multispeciality Hospital

General Surgery is a practice of surgery amounting to the core of knowledge considering all parts of physiology, anatomy, immunology, metabolism, nutrition, pathology, healing, resuscitation and shock, intensive care, as well as neoplasia, which are the most common in all the surgical specialties.

General Surgery at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital offers the latest surgical innovation and treatment that can benefit our surgical patients. Because of the ever changing technology and new age technological advancement in the field of medicine and medical apparatus and equipment, majority of the surgical procedures like abdominal surgery have now been replaced with least painful laparoscopic methods that are known to reduce pain, reduce cost and accelerate recuperation without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment.

The department of General surgery at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital has a team of skilled surgeons who are always on their feet to provide you the excellent treatment using the latest surgical innovations along with the best clinical care that ensures the safety of the patients as well as their quicker recovery. This has built immense trust between the patients and their respective families.

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