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Submitted by • October 2, 2020

In Neil C. Griffen's compelling book, From Science to Spirituality, readers are challenged to question preconceived beliefs regarding the disciplines of science and religious thought.

In his meticulously researched book, Griffen sets out to prove that science and religion are not at odds. In fact, there is significant data to support the benefits of using scientific insights when analyzing spiritual issues, and this includes the often volatile debate regarding the existence of one God. From the scientific method to the fundamentals of the laws of motion, from a study of the atom to psychic photons, genetics, and the argument against evolution, the author guides readers through a fascinating process of questioning that which is known and that which is believed. Is there interaction between the brain and the spirit? Is it possible to support science and religion?

Whether the subject is spiritual healing or Einstein, this book will set readers on a new path of exploration.

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