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Forklift Training Calgary

Forklift Training Calgary

Submitted by • October 28, 2019

NKS Forklift is a good place to learn forklift driving in Calgary, NE. Gurjinder Paul Singh (Nick name Paul) is training the people since 2016. He is a really good trainer. You can check the google and facebook reviews about NKS Forklift before you join as trainee. They have two types of courses - one for new users and other for experienced operators who wish to renew their license. Forklift is an industrial vehicle, which is not really big in size. At the front of this forklift machine, a power operated forked platform is attached. This forked platform can be raised, lowered and inserted under the loads to lift it and then move it and place it at a different place. Truck Frame is the base of the machine and most important part of it. The wheels, counterweight and mast of forklift are attached to the truck frame itself. The second imporant part in the forlift is Counterweight, which is a cast iron weight.

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