Flutter vs Native App Development

A detailed comparison of the development of native vs. Flutter apps, with suggestions on when to use both type of development.

Since its beginning, Flutter has risen significantly in the industry. It was developed by Google about five years ago. Using the same core library of controls and a single codebase, it is a UI framework that aims to integrate the development of Android and iOS user interfaces.

While, Native app development entails developing apps in a platform’s native language and leveraging APIs/frameworks specifically developed for accessing device features or functionalities. Java or Kotlin with its JDK will be used for Android, while it will use Swift or Obj-C with the iOS SDK for iOS.

Both the Flutter mobile app and native technologies have benefits, so which is better will depend on the project requirements, cost, and business goals.

Native technologies are best suited for straightforward specialized apps with sophisticated animation features, while Flutter is perfect if you want speedier development at a cheaper cost. Examine the aforementioned comparison and choose the option that will serve you best.

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