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EscrowTech India is "The Right Choice" for "Sound and Secure" Software and Technology Escrow services and other services for intellectual property, technology, and authorship protection, archiving, and documentation.
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EscrowTech India is a joint venture with EscrowTech International, Inc., leveraging EscrowTech International's credibility, expertise, and experience. EscrowTech is one of the world's most well-known and well-respected software and technology escrow companies. Legal, technical, and administrative specialists are available to collaborate with you to develop complex and cost-effective solutions and programmes to fulfill your needs. You'll deal with specialists at EscrowTech who have decades of experience in software and intellectual property licensing, software development and testing, and other "real-world" business experience.
A technology escrow is similar to that of a source code or software escrow. While it is designed to provide the same level of protection, a technology escrow contains an extensive range of escrow materials, catering to technology and licenses deals. Deposit materials in Technology escrows can include chemical formulas, samples, prototypes, documents, product designs, encryption keys, etc. relating to technology that can be stored electronically, or physically. At EscrowTech India, we make sure to provide flexibility with our technology escrow services, addressing a wide range of customer needs.