Filmygod is a movie website that offers high quality videos and movies, but it also has an app for smartphones. Filmygod is unique because it provides a movie streaming service with a focus on user experience and quality. . It doesn’t offer 3-D movie streaming but offers 720p quality.The application itself is simple and slick. You can search for movies or TV shows by keyword, genre, or title.

After you find what you want, a movie will appear on the big screen with its soundtrack and subtitles intact. That alone gives it an edge over most other services out there especially when it comes to content that has been dubbed in another language into English. But the best part of Filmygod is how fast it loads the next video when you need to skip or exit a scene.

There are no annoying ads that pop up on your screen to clog up your display.How does Filmygod compare?In terms of speed, Filmygod is pretty much unbeatable. The app saves every movie you watch in a user friendly history file which makes it very convenient to find what you want later on.