Essay on Importance of Tree Plantation in Hindi

"Tree Plantation is basically the process of giving the plants the form of trees and that is why they are planted at different places. The reason behind plantation is mostly the promotion of forests, landscaping and land reclamation. Each of these tree planting objectives are important for their own unique reason.

Importance of Tree Plantation (Vriksharopan Ka Mahatva)

1. If seen from the point of view of scientists, trees make the atmosphere cool and pure, due to trees, many types of pollution are eliminated, the poisonous gas carbon dioxide all ends from the atmosphere of the tree, because it absorbs carbon dioxide. and provides us with clean oxygen.

2. Where there are more trees, the clouds themselves are drawn there, because the trees are very attractive, due to which there is rain and water is received and there is greenery from back.

3. Trees also prevent soil erosion, they are very helpful in saving the fertility of the soil from being eroded.

4. If trees are planted around the fields, then it also protects the quality of the soil and there is no erosion in the land.

5. By planting it on the banks of the river, the banks of the river do not cut, and it also increases beauty and provides cool shade."