DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE ENGEL ▶️ Updated 2021 – All Models

Quick and easy: download and update Firmware Engel RS4800S mini
To download and update the Firmware Engel RS4800S decoder, the following requirements must be taken into account.

Download the document with the drives from the official page, to avoid incidents.
In an external folder, insert the document
Insert the USB into the device.
Then, follow the path to execute the procedure to unpack the information in the deco.
Follow the upgrade path . It is based on Press menu> update> update by USB> choose the destination folder.
Wait approximately 20 minutes for the information to be transferred to the Firmware Engel RS4800S decoder.
The computer will automatically make the changes and restart to incorporate the update.
Verify all the commands and ensure that they have not given an error due to accidents during the download and update of the prototype.