DIN Cast Steel Bellows Seal Gate Valve

What is the different between bellow globe valve and bellow gate valve?
1. The bellow seal globe valve more longer then bellow seal globe valve, so pipe line prefer to choice bellow globe valve.
2. Different flow and functions, bellow seal globe valve can not only be used as a cut-off, but also can be used to regulate and control the pressure flow. The bellow seal gate valve is usually used for isolation. Bellow seal globe valve no need full open,the gate valve generally needs to be fully opened or closed.
3. Different installation methods. When use bellow globe valve, the medium can generally be from top to bottom. When medium flow in bellow seal gate valve,there is no no requirement on the direction of import and export.
4. When the bellow seal globe valve working, its handwheel and valve stem are generally rotating together, and will do the lifting action together, the bellow gate valve generally only the handwheel will rotate, besides it only do the lifting action.
Cast Steel Bellows Seal Gate Valve TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION
Face to face: DIN3202
Flange ends: DIN2543-2546
Design standard: DIN
Test& inspection: DIN3230