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Diet In Liver Disease – Dr. Pathik Parikh

Diet In Liver Disease – Dr. Pathik Parikh

Submitted by • November 15, 2019

Patients who are suffering from Cirrhosis are often suffering from Malnutrition. They not only have reduced intake and decreased absorption, there is increased loss as well. Greater than 70% of the individuals suffering from cirrhosis suffer from malnutrition. They tend to lose their muscle mass and build up distended tummy because of fluid. It is now beyond doubt that those who fail to maintain nutrition are at more chances of dying from complications of liver disease. Patients with cirrhosis fail to store micronutrients and are deficient in multiple micronutrients namely zinc, selenium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Folic acid, etc. They also tend to have weakened bones and low calcium.

There is a general belief amongst patients suffering from Liver Disease to cut down on diet as a whole and restrict proteins and other nutritious substances. It is a myth that more protein will lead to more complications. Instead, lack of these foods lead to more complications

Diet is the most important asp

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