Diecasting-mold is able to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for reliable zinc and aluminum co

When manufacturing volumes increase, traditional production methods may find it difficult to maintain quality and delivery commitments in a cost-effective manner during the manufacturing process. Manufacturing through die casting is particularly effective in this regard, as it is capable of producing millions of precision metal parts annually for use in a variety of industries. Due to the fact that Diecasting-mold. com is the industry leader in zinc and aluminum casting, it guarantees that its customers have the robust capacity that is required for scaling. Facilities Catering to Large-Scale Production

Diecasting-mold. com's campus, which spans 450,000 square feet and houses one of the most cutting-edge die casting factories in China, includes the following:

There are over two hundred cutting-edge die casting machines with clamp forces ranging from fifty to eight hundred tons.

Post-casting operations are handled by more than fifty CNC machining centers.

– Advanced quality inspection and metallurgical testing laboratories.

Competence in the Supply Chain

In order to effectively manage explosive growth, it is necessary to have flexible supplier partnerships and logistics networks that minimize disruptions. – Maintaining long-term relationships with blue-chip alloy and mold suppliers guarantees the availability of high-quality raw materials.

The Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory is kept in regional warehouses located in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, which are close to the customers.

The removal of freight unknowns and delays is accomplished through the consolidation of LCL shipments and FOB pricing.

Capability to Handle Surges

Diecasting-mold. com is able to easily accommodate periodic demand surges that exceed normal output levels by utilizing multi-shift casting cells and automated mold change-overs. This is accomplished by: – Overtime production during peak seasons to supplement capacity by 30–50%. – Quick mobilization of reserved " contingency lines" withi