Custom Wetsuits

Whether you're diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, windsurfing, prospecting, or swimming, Wetop will customize a wetsuit to meet your needs. Not only that, we'll do it for what you'd expect to pay for an off-the-shelf suit! Our unique combination of superior quality, personalized service and surprisingly reasonable prices is the result of streamlined efficiency; never shortening our quality.

All Wetop sets, whether in standard sizes or customized versions, are made with top-quality materials tailored to exacting standards.

When visiting our website, you will find standard-size wetsuits in a variety of styles, colors, options and configurations. these wetsuits can be upgraded and modified to meet your needs; however, for the ultimate in comfort and fit, we proudly specialize in custom wetsuits. custom wetsuit styles match Your exact physical size and personal preference.

Our goal at Wetop is always to do everything possible to help and guide you to ensure that your outdoor experience is pleasant and enjoyable. You can count on Wetop's custom wetsuits to provide the comfort, flexibility, durability and warmth you need. Enjoy our website, then give us a call.

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