Crowdfunding Platform – O Bless

ONPASSIVE is an AI-based company that offers various technology applications and services for all business needs. 
O-Bless is one such tool that helps create thoughtful and effective campaigns for causes. O-bless is a crowdfunding app that aims to help people run campaigns and get funded by interested people.
As a contributor, one can access O-Bless to discover different causes that stir up your compassion. As a Campaigner, one can run campaigns to build awareness towards a cause and get funded. O-Bless is quite different from other crowdfunding methods where you can find a conventional capital raising method by offering financial securities to investors.
Some of the benefits of O-Bless are
Easy access to capital
Less pressure on capital
Lucrative returns
O-Bless is one of the fastest ways to raise finance with no upfront fees, and pitching a project or business through the ONPASSIVE platform can be a valuable form of marketing.

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