Compostable Medical BioHazard Waste Bag Manufacturers

Concerned about safe and eco-conscious medical waste disposal? Greendot Biopak is a leading manufacturer and exporter of compostable medical bioHazard waste bag in India. We understand the critical need for both patient safety and environmental responsibility. Our biohazard bags meet with all major medical waste disposal regulations and feature industry-standard color marking for easy identification. These strong, tear-resistant bags ensure safe handling of potentially infectious materials. Our biohazard bags are crafted from renewable materials that biodegrade naturally after use, minimizing environmental impact. This eco-friendly solution is ideal for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities seeking a responsible approach to medical waste management. Greendot Biopak is your one-stop shop for dependable and sustainable medical waste disposal. Contact us today to learn more about their various environmentally friendly biohazard bag solutions. Visit our site: or call: +91-951-239-9155