Column Pipes | Advantages | NATRAJ PIPES

Column Pipes are used in borewell systems to lower the pumpsets in the casing pipe to raise water.
Natraj uPVC Column Pipes are manufactured to sustain high tensile loads subjected on it to the weight of the Submersible Pumpset and vibration generated by it while running. These pipes have heavy-duty square threads along with a separate socket attached to one end of the pipe. To ensure leakproof joints high-quality EPDM rubber rings are provided on both ends of the pipe.

Advantages of Natraj uPVC Column Pipes

Natraj UPVC Column Pipes offer high strength & durability.
Natraj UPVC Column Pipes are lighter in weight than conventional metal pipes.
Natraj UPVC Column Pipes generally have a life cycle of up to 50 years, which saves on replacement & replenishment costs.
Natraj UPVC Column Pipes cost less than the other alternates.