Colours and Sizes of Persian rugs Part 2

You can also have some fun with choosing a rug and styling a room. If you have a room that is generally only filled with neutral colours, it is often nice to add a pop of colour to that room by adding a more brightly coloured rug. This can be a great way to inject some vitality into the room and add some excitement. This can also be done by choosing a rug with a fun pattern such as a bolder geometric or floral print, or something more abstract for an urban more groovy aesthetic. You should choose decor that matches the main colour of the rug to help accentuate it and bring it all together. For example, if the main colour of your chosen rug is a royal blue, you may consider furnishing that room with some blue pillows, or a blue lampshade to tie it all in and create a seamless flow that is visually pleasing. But try not to overdo it, remember you are only accentuating the rug, so subtlety is often key.

But bright colours are not the only way a rug can make your room stand out, it is all dependent on your design choice and personal preference. Take a look at the rug in the photo, it is a beautiful, earth toned rug, from our Wembley Rugs collection (G146 Cream) , that perfectly accentuates the room it's in. With its cream tones matching the all round vibe of the room and really emphasizing its warm, calming atmosphere. Neutral colours are also a better option for those who tend to find themselves redesigning their living spaces, such as changing the colour of the walls, or switching out decor. This is because neutral colours are much more versatile and easy to work with, meaning no matter how indecisive you may be, your dream rug will still match and look stunning in your room!

Lastly, it could be good to consider your home life situation when choosing what rug design/colour to go for. For example those with children and or pets may find it smarter to go for darker colours as it will hide any dirt and marks better – Although our rugs are of the highest quality a