Collegepond – Career Counsellors in Mumbai

Collegepond is an online/offline career counselling, test preparation and admissions counselling outfit. Our primary goal is to assist you with high-quality career guidance to ensure your dream to study abroad is met with stupendous success. Our strength lies in highlighting the most optimal path in helping you achieve your career ambitions. Merely getting into the college of your dreams may not get you the desired success in your future endeavor. Your success depends on the approach you follow and the crucial decisions you take at every juncture of your journey-be it higher education or your work life.

Based on our experiences of providing counselling services to overseas education aspirants and inputs received from students who made it to Wall Street and Silicon Valley, became entrepreneurs, and pursued other chosen walks of life, we believe that, prior to embarking on a journey to higher education, a clear, well thought-out strategy is required.

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