CO-SCHOLASTIC PROGRAMME – cbse schools near sarjapur road

SCHOOL CLUBS – Clubs are havens where talents, hitherto hidden, are nurtured in an informal atmosphere. We strive to bring out the tremendous potential of students through these avenues. The Clubs – Computer Science, Eco Health & Wellness, Integrity, Math, MUN, Quiz, Science and Theatre – enable the students to hone and cultivate qualities of team spirit, cooperation and leadership.

SPORTS – Our students have discovered the secret for the union of a balanced mind and a fit body. The avenues are diverse – yoga, stressing on mind control through asanas, Tae-kwon-do channeling fitness with discipline and the Band, marching to rhythmic beats. Energizing their way towards good health are teams of basketball, football, hockey and cricket players who begin the day an hour earlier, as they undergo intense coaching by well-qualified PHE teachers. Facilities for other games like volleyball, throw ball, table tennis and badminton are also available along with indoor games like chess, scrabble, etc. The teams show their prowess in their sport by taking part in inter-school competitions, thus bringing laurels to the school.

VISUAL ARTS – Classes are offered in Art – drawing, colouring and painting and craft as part of the curriculum for Grades I-V. Classes are also offered after school hours wherein students work on unique pieces of art either individually or in groups through the year.

PERFORMING ARTS – Students from Grade KG- V enjoy weekly sessions of dance and music (Indian and Western) during the class schedule. Along with tabla, these classes are also held as after school activities.

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES – Participating in co-curricular activities helps students develop resilience, adaptability and self-confidence. Students take part regularly in literary and cultural competitions held for all grades.