Clear Your Doubts on Non-Patient Safety Issues in Hospital and CMS Patient Safety Nursing Issues

Know all about patient safety issues in hospitals in this eye-opening webinar along with learning about CMS Hospital CoPs & TJC Patient Safety System chapter as well as patient safety in healthcare. Not just this, get well versed with CMS CoPs when it comes to a punitive setting, reporting medication errors, adverse events, and drug incompatibilities. What more? The topic also talks about the top ten patient safety issues in hospitals. Put your worries at bay and know more about what hospitals need to do to create a patient safety culture. Got questions lingering in your mind about the free toolkit on Just Culture by AHRQ? Get answers here in this session.

Preventable medical errors are actually at risk by 1% per year according to the National Quality Forum publication on 34 Safe Practices for better healthcare. There are 18 types of medical errors that account for 2.4 million extra hospital days and 9.3 billion in excess care. An OIG study found that 15,000 Medicare patients every month experience an adverse event during healthcare delivery that results in death. One of every seven discharges (13.5%) results in an adverse event. Stay informed of every bit of information here in this session along with getting well acquainted with patient safety nursing and cms patient safety nursing issues updates.