Physiotherapists use world-class high-tech technologies for orthopedic, musculoskeletal, and sports injuries, such as Ultrasounds Combo Therapy, High-intensity class 4 laser, Super Inductive System (SIS), Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), Targeted Radio Frequency Therapy (TR-Therapy), and others.

Manual patella mobilization, soft tissue release of the IT band, dry needling, cupping treatment, and other techniques are used by our sports injury specialist.
Exercises for muscle balance include vastus medialis strengthening and vastus lateralis stretching.
Gluteal muscle strengthening exercises (glutes clams, bridging, quadruped hip extension with knee flex). Muscles of the quadriceps (wall squats, lunges, eccentric SLR, kettlebell quads smash, reverse Nordic curl).
Stretching of hamstring muscles- Supine hamstring slider, Heel lifted hip hinges, RDL in kick stance, Standing Knee extended toe touch
Foot biomechanics correction includes using a customized footbed, conducting foot arch strengthening exercises, and wearing appropriately arched shoes.
Plyometrics also help with muscle control around the knee. Front and back power jumps, single-leg landing, and balance are all part of this.
In addition, Sports specific training such as agility training, sports-specific training drills, conditioning, strength and flexibility training, and focused muscle strength training according to specific sports.
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