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In today’s highly competitive business world, there are numerous factors that could make or break the market. But what exactly happens in the process of making a product available in the market? Channel Management has a big role to play in such situations. Now let us know more about Channel Management and what role it plays

What is Channel Management?

It is a process used by companies to direct and manage various intermediaries to deliver products and services directly to the end-users. The parties involved in the process are called Channel Partners. The Channel Management process implies reaching a broad range of customers through different marketing and sales channels. Channel management is a technique of identifying the best and most efficient channel partners. It involves different routes to make your products available in the market and to put various efforts, obtaining maximum results from these channels

For example, if you are selling a Packaged Food Product, then you might consider both online as well as offline channels that can sell your products in the market on your behalf. Thus, selling your products in a well-established store might get you more sales as compared to online channels

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