Car & Clutch Repair and Maintenance Service Winnipeg | Seven Oaks Transmissions

Car & Clutch Repair and Maintenance Service Winnipeg | Seven Oaks Transmissions
Seven Oaks Transmissions: Your one-stop shop for all car repairs in Winnipeg! We specialize in tire repair, automotive AC repair, and differentials.
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Complete Transmission Overhaul (Rebuild)
A complete transmission overhaul, also known as a transmission rebuild, a transmission is completely removed from vehicle and disassembled in our shop. Each of the parts is laid out on a workbench and is inspected for damage and wear. The parts are then either cleaned in a special cleaning solution or replaced if damaged. If a part has friction surfaces, such as the case with bands and clutches, then it is replaced. In a complete transmission overhaul all gaskets and seals are replaced as well. The torque converter is replaced during a complete transmission overhaul, being replaced with a remanufactured one. Additionally our technicians will review technical service bulletins to check if the manufacturer of the transmission in question recommends any modifications intended to correct design defects realized after the transmission was built. If a bulletin indicates such a defect then an upgrade kit will be used to resolve any and all design defects.

Transmission Replacement vs. Complete Overhaul
When it is determined that your vehicle's transmission is in need of an overhaul a replacement unit may be a consideration. Rather than