Capturing Moments: Shrey Chohan's Journey through Cinematography and Photography

In the enchanting world of photography, where each snapshot has a tale to tell, Shrey Chohan stands out with his unique blend of passion and creativity. Shrey’s journey into the realm of photography began in 2007 when he and Devika, his partner in both life and art, started exploring the world together. Their shared love for capturing compelling stories through the lens quickly became more than just a hobby.
By 2010, Shrey’s profound ability to weave narratives into his photographs led him to professionalize his passion, giving birth to Shrey Chohan PianoGraphy. His artistic venture took a significant leap forward in 2011 when Devika joined as the creative director. With her keen eye for cinematography and expert shoot planning, she brought an additional layer of depth and sophistication to their projects.
Today, Shrey Chohan PianoGraphy is not just a photography service but a collective endeavor. The team, comprising dedicated photographers, cinematographers, and editors, shares a unified vision: to artistically capture moments and turn them into everlasting memories. Whether it's a serene landscape, a bustling city scene, or intimate personal moments, each project is a canvas awaiting its creative touch.
A lesser-known facet of Shrey, which intrigues many, is his musical talent. An accomplished musician, Shrey often melds his auditory art with his visual pieces, creating a multisensory experience that surprises and delights. This unique blend of skills sets Shrey Chohan PianoGraphy apart, making it not just a service, but an immersive artistic experience.
Come along with Shrey and his crew as they continue to push the boundaries of filmmaking and photography while telling moving and inspirational stories. Shrey Chohan PianoGraphy promises to give not just photographs but also heartfelt stories, whether you're trying to capture the emotion of an important moment or simply admire the beauty of life's ordinary moments.