Can you sue someone for your spinal disc herniation caused by the accident?
Spinal disc herniation is the bulging of the disc nucleus via the annulus tear due to any impact and can be claimed by proving that was caused by the accident. Because disc herniations are complicated, seeking medical attention as soon as possible can save you from unnecessary suffering and medical expenses. A variety of factors causes disc herniations. They can be linked to age, work, the type of impact experienced, a long driving time, unhealthy lifestyle, and obesity. When a person ages, the wear, and tear on their vertebral column is also affected. Degenerative disc diseases can cause vertebrae and discs to weaken and rupture, as well as disc herniations. Not all disc herniations are symptomatic. Motorcycle accidents, car accidents, fall down the stairs, and truck accidents can cause asymptomatic herniated discs to become symptomatic.