Can endometriosis occur outside the pelvic cavity?

Endometriosis is a gynecological illness that has been detected in almost every tissue of the body. It commonly affects the lungs, pleural cavity, diaphragm, and abdomen, or scars in the abdomen or perineum when it develops outside the pelvis.

These individuals' symptoms vary depending on the location of endometriotic lesions, however, they are frequently cyclical. Thus, recurrent discomfort in the shoulder may suggest diaphragmatic endometriosis. The cyclical inflammation of the navel, occasionally accompanied by bleeding, is mainly caused by umbilical endometriosis and is frequently mistaken as an umbilical hernia. A similar thing happens with cyclical inflammation of the hernia, where many people confuse a focus of endometriosis in this region with an umbilical hernia. The cyclical symptoms of urinary issues should not be treated with antibiotics without first ruling out bladder endometriosis. In general, any symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle should raise the possibility of endometriosis.

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