Butterfly Valves

Youyi is an industrial butterfly valve manufacturer offering four types of butterfly valves. Our valve factory in China supplies metal sealed and high performance butterfly valves for high pressure industrial applications.
Youyi is also a supplier of two types of eccentric butterfly valves, double and triple eccentric. The double eccentric type is commonly used in power generation and petrochemical applications, while the triple eccentric type is used in more demanding industrial applications.
The butterfly valve belongs to the angular travel valve family. It is named after its butterfly-shaped disc which acts as a gate to open or close the valve. The butterfly valve looks similar to a ball valve.The advantages of the Youyi butterfly valve include reliability, ease of operation and the need for less maintenance.

The butterfly valve has a disc that acts as a gate to open or close the flow path. The design allows the valve to be bi-directional. For many industrial applications, the hydraulic system is responsible for opening and closing the valve.

Because of their light weight and low cost, these valves are often used by industries that require fluid control. In addition, many industries prefer these valves because of their small size and ease of operation and maintenance. Butterfly valves can be operated manually, pneumatically or electrically.