Business Owners, What is Your Exit Strategy?

Oftentimes our clients are surprised to hear that we strongly advise them to start planning their exit strategy as early as possible. In fact, planning it out when you first start the business is a good idea. This may at first seem counterintuitive. However, there is tremendous value to having a plan in place. Our New Jersey, New York, Maine, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont business brokers can assist you with strategy.
What is an Exit Strategy?
An exit strategy deals with what you do when you leave your business. Typically, it is a plan to either sell your company or shares to an investor or buyer. Common exit strategies include being acquired by another business, a management or employee buyout, selling your stake to an investor, or even taking your business public with an IPO.
Keep in mind that of all the strategies mentioned, IPOs are the rarest though often the most lucrative. The conditions have to be very exacting for this to be a possibility.
To get the data that you’ll need to start planning, we recommend you get an accurate idea of what your business is worth through a business valuation in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Maine, Vermont, or Pennsylvania.