Book Worm Extra Large 30 Disposable Nappy Pads With Washable and Reusable Cloth Diaper Cover

There is nothing cuter than a two-part pouch system that ensures less washing and optimum protection while maintaining the convenience of disposable diapers with Chemical Free nappy pads!
Book worm extra large size Hybrid cloth diaper India, unique diapering solution with their 100% Eco-friendly Cloth Diapers for newborns in India. The Large size Book worm diaper cover creative is cute and trendy.
These are washable cloth diaper covers and reusable cloth covers for baby don't need a daily wash which means, you only need 1-2 till your baby is grown out of the size. Bdiapers provides Hygienic cloth diaper covers, plant-based biodegradable disposable nappies and chemical-free washable nappies.
Book worm extra large diapers are rash-free as we embrace the goodness of cloth with the convenience of 100% Organic Quality disposable nappy pads for newborn.
Fragrance-free disposable nappies India, pairs well with Bdiapers reusable plush cloth diaper covers with Book worm print for toddlers ensuring a tight-fitting diaper.