Before you can use a Bitstop ATM, you should know what it is and how it works. A Bitstop ATM is a simple machine that purchases and sells Bitstops. To use it, you must have a crypto wallet. A crypto wallet is a software application that keeps track of your Bitstop and other cryptocurrencies. You can use a web-based crypto wallet or a hardware device. To use a Bitstop ATM, you must first create an account and provide the information requested. You will then need to create an alphanumeric code or QR code, which is required for the transaction.

Most Bitstop ATMs require you to enter your personal information and government-issued identification in order to use the service. Some may also require you to provide your cell phone number for a text verification code or a government-issued ID to make purchases. Because of the regulatory burden of large transactions, many Bitstop ATMs no longer offer anonymity. Therefore, the fees charged by such machines can be as high as 12%.