Best Rehab Cnter in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Golden Life is the Best Rehabilitation Center in Dhaka. It is the oldest and most up to date treatment center for psychologically sick patients, for Alcoholic and drug addicts. Golden Life started to work with addicts in the year 2004.We are treating psychological sick patients and addicts. It has been 17 years and many addicts are willingly comming or given by their parents for receiving treatment. Following our rules and regulation is very easy and simple so that many drug addicts physiologically sick patients have successfully entered here for day to day regular working, happy and healthy life with new spirit. Most of the recovery(patients who are clean and sober) contact us for offer their session and join course with us from our organization. Obeying our rules and regulation is mandatory.When we release a patient we give offer care service that we call follow-up-service this is why our organization that is Golden Life has patient rate of success is very high. We make different case history for every patient. We try to understand why a person becomes addict by finding out why he first got introduced to drugs. We find the cause and we stop it.