Best Online OTC Product Store in India

Mediwapp is the Online Medical Store where you can also find OTC Products. OTC Products are generally the products that are nonprescription medicines, the medicines which are needed but are not prescribed by any doctor or physician. They are safe and effective when all the directions given in the labels are strictly followed.
Some of the most famous OTC Products are Personal care products, Baby Care products, Mother Care products or Beauty Products like Face Mask, Face Creams, or Face Wash. At Mediwapp Online Medical Store, you can find the OTC products like Manual Brest pumps for Mother care, face mask and face wash for men and women, threptin biscuits for babies, pampers and Diapers for baby Care, Baby Sun Lotion, Hair Serum, Sunscreen Gel, Baby Powder, Gillette Blades for Men, Endura Mass, and many more.
We sell the products of many of the famous OTC product brands like Johnson & Johnson, Cipla Ltd, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Dabur India Ltd, Chicoo, Colgate Palmolive India Ltd, and many more such brands.

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