Best NDIS Mental Healthcare Support Perth | Psycho Social Support in Western Australia

There has been incredible progress on vaccination and other physical aspects of the pandemic. But the stress, isolation, and anxiety suffered by people around the world have led some of them to mental disorders, which have been overlooked.

The statistics on mental health in Australia suggest that 46% of people aged 16-85 had experienced a mental disorder during their lifetime. Lack of awareness could lead to untreated mental disorders, poorer performance at work and school, suicidal tendencies, and inability to have a good social life. But, how could we work against the stigma attached to mental health? Start by giving the mentally affected, respect and acceptance. This will help them cope with their condition. Being aware of mental health and advocating for them will provide them the same kind of rights and opportunities as others. But the most important part is to help them reach out to medical support.

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