Best Gallbladder Stone Surgeon in Delhi

The gall bladder is a small pear-shaped organ beneath the right side of the liver. The main function of the gall bladder is the storage of bile made by the liver, with an average capacity of 50ml. Normal digestion can occur without a gall bladder, as the liver will continue producing bile. The bile will reach the intestine for digestion of food but without being stored in the gall bladder. When the gallbladder continuously fails to empty as it should, cholesterol present in the bile precipitates, leading to the formation of stones. The majority of gallbladder stones are made of cholesterol. Dr Kapil Agrawal is a distinguished name and one of the best gallbladder surgeon in Delhi, NCR. He has more than 22 years of experience and has benefitted more than 7,000 patients through his expertise in minimally invasive techniques. He has been impanelled with some of the best hospitals for gallstone treatment. His track record attests to his commitment to delivering excellent results to his patients.