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Air Football
Mirana Toys contributes indoor and outdoor gaming toys for kids. Air Football Pro floats on
the cushion of air with soft foam edges giving you an amazing playful experience.
air football a safe indoor toy having foam and LED lights those attracts children
which is best for small gliding space.

India's one of the most popular two Wheel Drive (2WD) App Controlled Vehicle (ACV) car made by Mirana. The Mirana App would be experienced the children their own world where freedom exists.
This ACV car having with powerful engine that help the player go faster and get better performance
out of the car. This App enhance your child to get more experienced, and highly confident player. The 2WD ATV ACV1 should be provide to children aged 5 years or above. If you want to drive such exclusive car then buy it on

It was an outstanding product by Mirana Toys. An RC car has many components and
an important one of the RC car controller. The 2WD Remote Control All Terrain Vehicle comes with a
rechargeable 1200 mAH battery. the car is more powerful and built with a muscular size.
It is a kid’s source of happiness, and something to take the edge off after a long day
at work.