Have you heard of a place that can be considered a heaven on earth, Goa is included in this list for a reason! Goa has been mentioned as Govapuri in some Hindu scriptures as an amalgam of Indian and Portuguese culture and architecture that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Being a mesmerizing destination in India Goa holds something for every traveler regardless of its habits and budget. We have gathered some information to make your stay hustle-free.

Things You Need to Know About Before Visiting Goa

Following the pandemic, road trips have become increasingly popular among backpackers and solo travelers this traveling season. After splashing out and caging up inside your houses, a long drive amid hills to give your mind, body, and soul a great stretch. For a hint, Goa Car Rentals will be with you by your side as a buddy or even if you need car from airport then Goa Airport Car Rental services is on your service. For this situation, a common name pops up in every Indian mind i.e. GOA, a sunshine state every bachelor person dreams to go there! If you are planning to go there and relish the zestful nightlife with your buddies; indulge yourself in an elated vacation and Goa will excel all your expectations. Think you know everything about the place? We have jotted down interesting tips and facts about Goa making your trip an unforgettable vacation of your life. Read on to know more!

• Don’t just stick to the popular beaches

• Not only girls, but boys also need to carry their sunscreens

• Savor your tongue with Goan cuisines

• Go beyond the sand and sea

• Hire a self-drive car and drive yourself

• Go scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, and many more yoga treats

• Explore on two wheels and soak up everything

• Play the bargaining game right and hop on to the flea market