Be Resilient, Realize Your Peak Potential! by Chandra Pulamrasetti

Personal resilience is one’s ability to withstand, adapt to and recover from stress, challenges and adversities and continue to give the best.

Many employees and leadership go through several challenges – business lows, unmet expectations, attrition, financial pressures, chronical illnesses, family disputes, social problems etc. Neuroscience reveals that every repeated experience gets recorded strongly in the subconscious mind, and projects in one’s daily life, impairing personal health and work performance.

Detach from the subconscious mind programs

Research shows that people operate 90% of the time from what is stored in their subconscious mind and use only 10% of the conscious mind. Our subconscious mind stores our routine feelings, behaviors, habits, beliefs, and perceptions. When our present moment is colored by the unpleasant experiences of the past, we constantly judge, conclude and limit our performance in the current task.

To be resilient, one must first learn to detach from the memories of past experiences.

Right meditation techniques help to clear the mind and allow the limiting subconscious programs to be erased slowly. According to neuroscience, memories that are not recollected for a few days, automatically get weaker and disappear. Regular practice of breath-mindfulness meditation (Anapanasati) clears the mind of unwanted memories. One can easily feel the calmness in the mind after 3-6 weeks of meditation practice and move more into the present moment.