Balls used in Cricket Bowling Machine-topscoreindia/ball thrower machine for cricket

The gentleman’s game – the game of cricket took its roots and began in southeast England. It slowly gained momentum and finally took form as the national sport in the 18th century and flourished globally in the 19th and 20th centuries. One of the essential requirements of this game is a cricket ball. This ball is hard and solid, making it apt to play cricket. Cricket bats have seen several transformations as compared to their counterparts – cricket balls. They have remained the same except for their change in their colour (red, white, & pink).

Red balls are the first type of cricket ball used to play the game of cricket. The balls had good swing and seam early in the innings and once they age during the game the swing produced is late. Red balls are being utilized in the longest version of history. White balls gained tremendous popularity in limited overs game. Day-night Test matches led to the usage of pink balls in international cricket. Red balls meant low visibility during night and hence were not used in day-night Test matches. The pink ball is believed to aid fast bowlers during the night time.