Author: Youssefali

The distinctive pieces, unfortunately, are not many, and most of them are on internal streets. If you are looking for really distinctive pieces that have a large view, you will... Read More

Because Beit Al-Watan is a very large area, it will not all be completed at the same time because it is different areas, from the First District to the Eighth... Read More

It is located in the middle of the Viewzone area and Al-Nawadi Street, and directly overlooks Al-Nawadi Street, Al-Ahly Club, and Al-Jaish Street. It separates the Sixth Neighborhood from the Fourth... Read More

It is considered one of the most distinguished and best neighborhoods located in Beit Al Watan, and this is due to the fact that it overlooks the largest area of... Read More

It is located near Al-Nawadi Street, especially the new Al-Ahly Club branch. The second neighborhood has been handed over by the New Cairo City Authority, and it currently has a... Read More

Work began on it in two phases, the first phase was in 2012 and the second phase was in 2013 and it has been fully completed, which helped to complete... Read More

The price per square meter in Beit Al Watan varies from one neighborhood to another and also according to the facade of the project itself. Find out the latest price... Read More

We maintain the electrical equipment by disassembling the electrical equipment in a proper and scientific way according to the manufacturing catalog and keeping transportation and time. We use the best freight... Read More

Furniture storage Store your furniture in well-equipped warehouses to protect your home or office furniture against damage. We also pack the furniture with the best materials to preserve it. Moving furniture The Read More

We have a fleet of furniture trucks that expertly dismantle, assemble and pack furniture from one place to another at top speed Constant commitment to appointments with our valued customers, starting... Read More