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CALBOR Aries Mineral Calcium Borate Technical Name : Boron As B = 4+/- 0.5% Calcium As CaO = 11+/- 1% Magnesium As MgO =1.0 +/- 0.2% Sulphus As S = 12 +/- 1% CALBOR ARIES Mineral Calcium Borate Comprising... Read More

Agromin soil plus Fertilizer is a spray dried, super fine, free flowing, 100% instantly water soluble powder, which provides booster doses of high performance, partially Chelated micronutrients. Agromin soil plus Fertilizer... Read More

gro life Cultive Star 20 is a Cost Effective product with best control of Sucking Pests like Thrips whitefly jassid aphids , Leafhoppers Leafminers Scales etc widely used on Vegetables... Read More

Agro Life Glow 71 Herbicide Is a Non-selective systemic, post emergence herbicides . Agro Life Glow 71 Technical Name: Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate 71% S.G. Crops: Tea, Coffee, Coconut, Rubber, Grapes, Mango Weeds:... Read More

Agro life Joy super plus Agro life Joy super plus are Active contituent cytokinis & enzymes . Joy super plus used to increse fruit size and yiebl in fruits &vegetables .long... Read More

Agro Life Cultive Paralife Herbicide Agro Life Cultive Paralife Herbicide are contact Herbicide . Agro Life Cultive Paralife Technical Name: Paraquat Dichloride 24 % SL . Mode of... Read More

ADAMA Widigo Technical Name: Pyrithiobac sodium 10% EC . Weed Stage: 2 -3 leaf stage of Broad Leaf weed. Soil Condition: Moist Soil. ADAMA Widigo Dose 250-300 ml/Acre in 200 lts water ADAMA Widigo Herbicide ADAMA... Read More

Adama Shaked has a unique formulation combining two different actives with inbuilt adjuvant for ease of use & application. It has a superior micro emulsion formulation Technology. Shaked should be applied at... Read More