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Romson Asepto syringe Pump – Surginatal

The Romson Asepto syringe Pump is used for feeding and irrigation- It has a tapered tip which facilitates easy and safe connection to any catheter or gastric tube- The transparent... Read More

Silicone Male Catheter – Romsons

The Silicone Male Catheter by Romsons is a medical device used for urinary catheterization in male patients. It is specifically designed for male anatomy and is used to drain urine... Read More

Romson Suction Catheter Plain -Surginatal

The Romson Suction Catheter Plain is an Oro-bronchial catheter-The distal end is open with one lateral eye to avoid trauma during suction of oro-bronchial secretion-It has a frozen surface tubing... Read More

Polymed Urine Bag Polyecho – Surginatal

Polymed Urine Bag Polyecho collects urine. It breaks the pee section and forestalls the upward movement of microorganisms. A urine bag attaches to a catheter tube. The capacity of the... Read More

Latex Examination Gloves (100 pcs) – Surginatal

Latex examination gloves are a type of disposable gloves commonly used in medical and healthcare settings for various purposes. Material: Latex examination gloves are made from natural rubber latex, derived... Read More

Polymed Suction Catheter Plain -Surginatal

Polymed Suction Catheter Plain For removal of secretion from trachea and bronchial region Soft, frosted and kink resistant DEHP free PVC tubing with maximum patient comfort Color coded connector for identification of... Read More

Romsons Scalp Vein Set – Surginatal

The Romsons Scalp Vein Set is a medical device used for venous access, specifically for obtaining intravenous (IV) access in the scalp veins. It is commonly used in pediatric patients... Read More