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Sterlite Power Successfully Commissions Khargone Transmission Project worth INR 1662 crore in Madhya

Sterlite Power are delighted to achieve the successful commissioning of KTL project which aims at solving the critical challenge of energy delivery for the western and central region. In April... Read More

Sterlite Power Transmission Limited alters strategic plans

New Delhi, 29 September 2022 Sterlite Power, a leading private sector power transmission structure inventor and results provider, blazoned the holdback of their plans to go public through an IPO.... Read More

Aegis Graham Bell Award for ‘Innovation in Telecom Infra’ | Sterlite Power Transmission Limited

Sterlite Power, a leading private sector power transmission infrastructure developer and solutions provider, has been recognized at the 12th edition of the Aegis Graham Bell Awards. The Aegis Graham Bell... Read More

GMDA- Gurugram smart city fibre network-copy – Sterlite Power: Electric Power Transmission

GMDA - Gurugram smart city fibre network Making Gurugram a smart city, by building reliable intracity fibre network through unique PPP model About GMDA fibre network In a first of... Read More

Leading Global Inventor of Power Transmission | Sterlite

Sterlite Power is a leading global inventor of power transmission structures with 22 systems gauging, and 478 circuit kilometers in India and Brazil. Our innovative operation of global technologies similar... Read More