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In the past few decades, the demand for electricity has been increasing. This has been due to a number of factors such as population growth and industrialization. For this reason,... Read More

Buy Portable Power Sprayer Online | Perfect House

Looking for a way to keep your crops safe from insects and pests? Our portable power sprayer is the perfect solution! Designed with quality in mind, this multi-purpose agricultural spraying... Read More

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HTP Sprayer is a high-quality, Heavy-duty sprayer for agricultural and horticultural purposes. Designed to be durable and reliable, the sprayer is guaranteed to last for years of hard use. Simply... Read More

Battery Operated Knapsack Sprayer Power Sprayer

Do you want a battery knapsack sprayer? We are providing best Battery-operated knapsack sprayer comes packed with a powerful battery for extended spraying. Knapsack sprayer is used for agricultural purpose... Read More

3kva generator price | 3kva generator price in india

3 kva generators are perfect for powering your home during blackouts. A generator is a dependable and reliable way to protect your family. Our complete line of generators is designed... Read More

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Discover the perfect generator for your home with our complete range of high-quality, high-efficiency 5 kva generators. Our Genset engines provide clean, reliable, and eco-friendly energy for any power need!... Read More

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Perfect House has been the supplier of 15KVA generators, both Mahindra and Kirloskar for the past 5 decades. Priced lower to other competitors, our generators are ergonomically and aesthetically designed,... Read More

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Perfect house 10kva generators are used for generating power backups for medium to significant home usage purposes. These Generators can power high-end electronic devices such as microwave ovens, LED televisions,... Read More

Mobile lighting tower | MH, GA, MP, CG | Perfect

Perfect House's innovative Mobile Lighting Tower is the perfect solution for your construction sites that need more lighting! Powered by diesel or solar, this tower is transportable and provides Light... Read More

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125 kVA Generators can be the perfect solution for you. Our generators are the best in the industry and work great during emergencies. You will have power back in no... Read More