Author: Park Nonwoven

Ceiling Filter for paint booth

Ceiling filters for paint booths are essential for capturing overspray and contaminants during painting processes, ensuring clean and safe working environments. Park Nonwoven specializes in manufacturing high-quality ceiling filters, utilizing... Read More

FiberGlass Felt by park nonwoven

Fiberglass felt is a versatile nonwoven material made from fine glass fibers bonded together. It offers exceptional strength, heat resistance, and insulation properties, making it ideal for various industrial applications... Read More

Vertical lap Felt by park nonwoven

Vertical lap felt is a specialized nonwoven fabric used in papermaking machines to support and carry the wet paper web as it moves through the production process. Park Nonwoven ensures... Read More

Ceiling Filter for paint booth

A ceiling filter for paint booths is essential for trapping overspray and contaminants, ensuring a clean painting environment. Park Nonwoven delivers high-quality ceiling filters designed to efficiently capture particles while... Read More

Dust Bag Filters by Park Nonwoven

Dust bag filters are essential for trapping dust and particles, maintaining clean air in industrial environments. Park Nonwoven offers premium dust bag filters crafted with precision and advanced filtration technology.... Read More