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Retail spaces and supermarkets are often at danger for pest infestations because of open entryways, cluttered storage areas, and a continuous flow of foot traffic. At ORIGIN, we will help... Read More

ORIGIN uses water-based mist mosquito control, not conventional smoke fogging, which is instrumental in protecting asthmatic children. We also minimise chemicals on school grounds by using a biological larvicide, BTI,... Read More

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It has been said that eating is Singapore’s national past time. The food scene in Singapore is vibrant, to say the least; other than the many hawker centres sprawled alongside... Read More

Mosquito is the Deadliest Animal in the World: Mosquitoes are responsible for about 1 million deaths a year. This is followed by snakes at 50,000 deaths and dogs at 25,000 deaths... Read More

How do you know if you have termites? Common telltale signs fare mud tubes, wooden frass/pellets, tiny holes in wooden surfaces, and damaged/hollow wood. Have you ever noticed your furniture being holed... Read More

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Pests like cockroaches and rodents love places with a lot of foods, and they are capable of causing serious health issues and food safety concerns if not dealt with properly.... Read More

Pest Control Services for Pharmaceutical Industry The pharmaceutical industry is subject to rigorous regulations. The presence of pests in any facility may affect audits and inspections. Adulteration of pharmaceutical raw materials,... Read More

Effective pest management systems are vital for the running of any business. Here at ORIGIN Exterminators, we have trained staff with over 39 years of experience in urban pest management... Read More