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HLC-ayurvedic center in bangalore

HLC Ayurveda and Nature Cure is a registered hospital located in Electronics City that offers the best of preventive, curative and promotive healthcare through classical Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga integrated... Read More

HLC- hijama wellness center bengaluru karnataka

The Food Expert Our Food Designers are nationally recognized chefs and nutritionists, having worked extensively in International 5 Stars and Health Retreats. They create wonderful culinary experiences with a team of... Read More

HLC- best ayurvedic centre in bangalore

The Menu Although our chefs apply nutrition as medicine, they will indulge you with hearty and healthy menus that are co-created with our nutritionists to serve you food that is... Read More

HLC-nature cure hospital bangalore

Yoga at HLC is offered in its pure and traditional form, our yoga masters help you adapt by training you in asanas as per your individual needs. We teach the... Read More

HLC-ayurvedic centers in bangalore

Classical Ayurveda states that spine and joint disorders occur due to an imbalance of Vata Dosha, presence of Ama (toxins) in the joints or weakening of Asthi and Majja Dhatus.... Read More

HLC- ayurvedic resort in bangalore

Nestled in the lush green, oxygen-rich environs of Electronics City, HLC Health Resort is a sanctuary for anyone seeking peace and tranquility. The property houses 19 magnificent cottages in a... Read More

HLC- naturopathy centres in bangalore

Located in Electronic city, Bengaluru; HLC is one-of-its-kind holistic medical centre that offers a complete range of alternative medical sciences to include Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and Prophetic medicine. Every year... Read More

InnogenX-2D Animation Company in Bangalore

We believe that identity is essential to sales and marketing, and to stand out in your space, you have to know who you are. Our content strategy is designed around that—helping... Read More

InnogenX- multimedia company in bangalore

CONTENT TEAM From our inception as a full fledged service company, we have actively sought to test our team’s ability and to provide the best possible solutions to the many varied... Read More