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Surgical equipment and dressings are kept in baby instrument trays without covers so they can be sterilized. The product is also available with a handle. All measurements are rounded and... Read More

Our collection of bed pans with coverings that lessen odors and allay anxiety are made from high-grade stainless steel. These bedpans have a contoured design that prevents dirt buildup and... Read More

Orthopedists, gynaecologists, general surgeons, laparoscopists, and endoscopists all employ the Cidex Tray system as a disinfection method. Our cidex trays are made of high gauge stainless steel, which makes them... Read More

The moist heat sterilization principle is the basis for the operation of pressure cooker-style autoclaves. Either a vacuum displacement autoclave or a gravity displacement autoclave can be used. The top... Read More

Jointed Dressing Drums are used for Sterilizing and Storing different types of dressings, instruments, and surgical requisites. Available in 304 grade S.S. with reasonable minimum order quantity. this dressing drums... Read More

We provide a range of anthropometric assessment and growth tracking instruments and equipment. The measures are accurate and provide a trustworthy evaluation of each person's nutritional status. In this area,... Read More

Lifeclave Baby tray Constructed from high-grade stainless steel. it is built with Stainless Steel Baby Tray without Cover. it can be used in Hospital, Clinic. Size of this hospital tray... Read More

Instrument trays, surgical trays, medical trays, and hospital trays are additional names for catheter trays. Without any sharp edges, the Instruments Tray is made of stainless steel 202 grade. We... Read More

Medical supplies including dressings and equipment are stored on kidney trays so they can be sterilized. With a suitable minimum order, the product may also be fabricated from 0.6mm to... Read More

A fetal Doppler test listens for the heartbeat of your unborn child using sound waves. A handheld instrument is used to detect changes in movement that are converted into sound... Read More