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Can lungs heal from COPD? | Dr. Indu Bubna | Pulmonologist in Andheri

The damaged lung tissue cannot heal itself, and there is no cure for COPD. You can take steps to lessen your symptoms, slow the disease's progression, avoid the hospital, and... Read More

Types of Congenital Lung Disorders? | Dr. Indu Bubna | Pulmonologist in Andheri

Congenital lung diseases are classified into four categories: Bronchogenic cysts-Bronchogenic cysts are most often detected in the esophagus or trachea, although they may also be discovered in the lower lobes of... Read More

What are the parts of the bronchi? | Dr. Indu Bubna | Pulmonologist in Andheri

bronchi have two main (or primary, or first) parts: The right main bronchus is a narrow air channel entering the right lung. Left main bronchus is a narrow, long passageway into your... Read More

How are Congenital Lung Disorders diagnosed? | Dr. Indu Bubna | Pulmonologist in Andheri

Congenital lung diseases are often detected during routine prenatal ultrasounds. Bronchogenic cysts usually show up on a fetal ultrasound if your fetus has signs of an airway obstruction. Chest X-rays... Read More

What causes tracheal stenosis? | Dr. Indu Bubna | Pulmonologist in Andheri

Inflammation and scarring induced by intubation, placement of a breathing tube into the trachea after surgery, or the requirement for artificial ventilation are the most prevalent causes of tracheal stenosis... Read More

Does Covid affect asthma? | Dr. Indu Bubna | Pulmonologist in Andheri

Because you already have breathing problems, coronavirus could make you feel even worse. COVID-19, on the other hand, has not been linked to an increased incidence of asthma attacks in... Read More

Indications for endobronchial ultrasound (ebus)? | Dr. Indu Bubna | pulmonologist in andheri

1. Staging of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) In assessing lymph node involvement in NSCLC, EBUS-guided transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) had a greater diagnostic yield than traditional TBNA in all lymph... Read More

What is the role of spirometry? | Dr. Indu Bubna | Pulmonologist in Andheri

ROLE IN COPD COPD is more common among smokers, biofuel users, and persons who are exposed to air pollution. COPD is a potentially lethal and progressive condition, thus early diagnosis and... Read More

What is IMPULSE OSCILLOMETRY? | Dr Indu Bubna | Pulmonologist in Malad

Spirometry is the gold standard diagnostic test for asthma and COPD and is presently the most widely administered lung function test in clinical practice. Spirometry is a difficult test to administer... Read More

What are the causes for Pulmonary hypertension? | Dr. Indu Bubna | Chest Physician in Malad

Pulmonary hypertension may develop due to a variety of factors, including: Damage to the left heart caused by systolic or diastolic malfunction of the left ventricle or faulty heart valves. Chronic bronchitis,... Read More