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Mainly used in paddy fields and tall crops. According to the modular concept, when necessary, hilly mountain high clearance wheeled tractor can be switched to a standard tractor or a... Read More

1. The transmission system is a crawler tractor with differential steering and shuttle gearbox independently developed by our company. It can be designed to be driven in both directions according... Read More

1. 50HP hilly mountain wheel tractor t is independently developed and designed according to the concept of system engineering. It is a multi-purpose hilly mountain tractor composed of a main... Read More

It is suitable for absorbing and discharging sewage, feces, biogas residue liquid, etc. in rural areas. At the same time, it is responsible for transportation and spraying operations, and is... Read More

50HP hilly mountain palm garden wheeled tractor Characteristic: 1. Four-wheel drive, good off-road performance. 2. The overall design of the drive front axle and gearbox is compact in structure. 3. Full four-wheel synchronization, with less... Read More