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GoDgtl Webinar | Security Best Practices on AWS

GoDgtl by PruTech is an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) that helps organizations expedite their Digital Transformation (DX) goals. GoDgtl has a 100% AWS-certified engineering team that... Read More

Secure Data Using AWS Storage Gateway

Amazon Web Service Hybrid Cloud Data Storage architectures provide the offering of connecting your valuable on-premise data applications and systems to cloud computing data technology storage. Accordingly, this provides you... Read More

6 Application Migration Strategies You Must Know

According to Industry Arc, dealing with analytics, research, and consulting, the data migration market size globally is estimated to be financially positioned at $10.98 billion by 2025. Also, predictions for... Read More

Cloud Modernization And Its Role In Application Modernization

Welcome to the world that includes humans with machines, the speed with precision, power with the invention, data with insight, and Cloud with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is possible by... Read More

Case Study | AWS Pinpoint Service for JSci MedCentral

JSciMed Central, an Open Source journal and publishing platform, was facing issues with regard to its email marketing campaigns and activities. The client was unable to send promotional and transactional... Read More

Case Study | Lift and Shift Service for Property Adviser

Property Adviser is a leading real estate platform that offers an exhaustive range of properties through its self-service, user-friendly, and customized portal. They aim at assisting the 4B’s of real... Read More

Importance & Key Benefits of Cloud Governance

Making sure a collaborative process is in place takes time but is necessary. If ineffective data governance is put into place it will lead to inconsistencies. This ultimately leads to... Read More

Use AWS to Prepare your eCommerce Platform for the Unexpected

AWS is an infrastructure platform with Cloud Data Technology that empowers several businesses globally. With AWS, you get the scope of data maintenance work for a valuable customer experience. AWS’s... Read More

Using AWS for Disaster Recovery

Whether caused by a malicious incident (malware/virus, ransomware), natural disaster, human error, software error, or hardware failure, the threat of an IT disaster always looms large at many organizations .... Read More

AWS Cost Optimization and Cloud Financial Management

"Cloud Financial Management in the cost optimization pillar of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Framework. It provides guidance to help customers apply the best practices in designing, delivering, and... Read More