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eQube®-DaaS enables organizations with fast enterprise search capabilities to access data while honoring security and access control. Our platform delivers comprehensive Enterprise Search capability with the following characteristics: a) Fast search... Read More

From creating a digital backbone of integrated data to delivering actionable insight, the eQube-DaaS Platform helps partners handle their customers' data needs. For more information visit or drop a... Read More

Started as an analytics platform in 2001, eQube® a unique yet powerful data virtualization layer with In-Memory Analytics, has grown to a DaaS platform over the years. For more information... Read More

Our A/BI platform, eQube®-BI, Democratizes BI. End users are able to mash up data from multi-systems for governed analytics with stunning data visualizations. For more information visit or... Read More

With eQube®-DaaS, enterprise architects can define CDMs at the enterprise level and developers can create APIs for integration solutions with Low/No-code. For more information visit or drop a mail... Read More

eQube®-DaaS leverages multi-PLM landscape by integrating or federating data from multi-PLM systems or consolidating multi-PLM systems into a single PLM system. For more information visit or drop a mail... Read More